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About us    

Drysuit.net is a new site from Delphi O.E.M. Co. is a manufactureing company located in Thurston County Washington USA in a small yet fast growing community named Lacey, adjacent to the cities Tumwater (made famous by the beer) and Olympia (capital of Washington.) Midway between the Seattle and Portland metropolitan areas, at the foot of Puget Sound.

This site is intended to feature Delphi O.E.M. Co.'s diving suit valves and provide users with other features generaly related to Drysuits and SCUBA Diving, its equipment, community, sites, and information.

This site exists to help you, the SCUBA diver.(Payback can also be a pleasure!) In the near future, we plan to feature the underwater photography of Steven Davies (formerly divemaster for the Starfire, now owner of Davies Marine in Seattle, providing the best in marine services of all kinds.) Steve's photography is great! If you are an underwater photographer and would like your work shown please write me at fjdavies@yahoo.com and let me know where the images are stored online. If you don't have a scanner, you can nudibranch-mail them to me.

Your browser is not Java capable or Java has been disabled, but don't worry about it you are only NOT seeing a scrolling text about autosurf.50megs.com and you can just go there and check it out if you like, so you have not missed much, and have the thrill of knowing that those who CAN see the scrolling text never get to read this message!

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