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Inlet valve for pressurized diving suit
Click HERE for the Valve SET (Inlet/exhaust)

 Delphi O.E.M. Inlet valve $47.95
The Inlet valve is a standard Spool type valve. The Plastic parts (shown above, comprising the valve body) are injection molded of glass filled polybutyleneterepthalate or glass filled nylon 6/6 thermoplastics resins. This plastic is injected at pressures of up to 12,000 psi after quickly being heated to well over 500 deg. We have 18 years of experience and practice in mold making (all molds are made and designed by us in house), and in operating injection molding equipment (again all in house on our own machines.)

The central shaft is made of the finest of stainless steels, selected for it's ability to withstand salt water induced corrosion, over other properties such as machablility (a little tougher to make a much better part.

Like wise, the spring (not shown) was designed (in house using our own softare, written by us) to last. Made again of the finest stainless steel, (and nitride passivated), it WILL hold up. We contract the winding and manufacture with Sound Springs (in Seattle) and have been doing so since the begining (We first met the owner when he had but one employee, we had none, and both of us were in garage-like out buildings.)

The pneumatic connector (see illustration to the right) is made of brass then crome plated, and is standard (purchased off the shelf directly from the manufacturer), to fit most air-whips operating at 2nd stage pressures.

Pneumatic Inlet Valve for drysuits, Mfg. by Delphi O.E.M. Co.
Inlet Valve $47.99

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